Selling a Home in the Bay Area 

Selling a Home in the Bay Area If you’ve already made the decision to sell your home, chances are, emotions are at an all-time high. Despite the circumstances, selling a house can be both stressful and emotional which is why we try to do the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to feel at ease, knowing that we have you covered.

We Know the Market

You could sell the same home for completely different prices pending on when you choose to sell which is why we help you understand the local market. Using our knowledge of the market, we can list your home at the ideal time, attracting high levels of traffic, and ultimately, resulting in a successful sale. Each city in the Bay Area, as well as each specific neighborhood attracts buyers for certain reasons, many of which are looking for specific features or amenities, this allows us to highlight these features, making your listing stand out among the rest, attracting more potential buyers. 

How We Market Your Home

Marketing your home is key in leading to a successful sale! Our team takes the time to stay on top of all the latest trends, marketing strategies, social media networks, paper ads and more, which allows us to put your listing in multiple streams of marketing. By doing so, your listing receives ample traffic, both online and in person, which can help lead to multiple offers, offer acceptance, and ultimately, a profitable sale. Now more than ever, online marketing strategies are vital in a successful listing which is why our team takes the time to tailor your listing to showcase your home in the best possible way. 

The Price is Right

While home staging and marketing are great tools to sell a home, the most important aspect of any listing is its list price. A home that is listed too high could lose potential buyers, have less foot traffic, and sit on the market far longer than needed. Likewise, by setting a list price that is too low, many buyers may choose to over-look the listing for fear that something is wrong with the house, thus losing what could have been a potential buyer. Combining our knowledge of the local market with in-depth comparative market analysis’s, we can set a list price that accurately reflects your home’s value, all of which helps generate ample traffic. 

We Stay Involved During Each Step

You’ll never feel as if you’re in the dark when choosing to sell with Who’s Next Real Estate. We pride ourselves in offering our clients the best communication, answering any and all questions, and ensuring that you’re not only involved throughout the selling process, but also understand each step. We take the time to explain what to expect, what happens next, as well as what our options are throughout your selling journey.

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